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It’s the fastest and most scalable Virtual Private Network, enabling real-time protection and security anywhere in the world.

Why ProjectSSH


Digital crime increases with the development of technology. One of them is data theft when accessing the internet by irresponsible parties. Some ISPs and countries restrict internet users in their countries. These two things are the reason why we have to use VPN.


Simply put, a VPN creates a virtual encrypted tunnel between you and a remote server operated by a VPN service. All your internet traffic is routed through this tunnel, so your data is secure from prying eyes. Best of all, your computer appears to have the IP address of the VPN server, masking your identity and location.


You are at danger and at risk if you do internet access without protection and privacy. Moreover, using a WiFi network that is open to the public. Data theft is very easy to do. Unable to access multiple sites and platforms that are blocked by ISPs and local authorities.

VPN Accounts

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ProjectSSH Executive team

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